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Sadik-Khan komisarz transportu została w 2007 roku. Policzyła wówczas, że 89 proc. przestrzeni Instances Square pomiędzy 43. i 47. ulicą należy do samochodów, ale 82 proc. ludzi - 365 tys. osób - którzy ją każdego dnia pokonują to piesi. Ci nie mieścili się na chodnikach, czego efektem było między innymi wiele potrąceń. Zdecydowała więc, że trzeba tę sytuację zmienić. Pomysłem stało się zamknięcie części Broadwayu dla samochodów i stworzenia na Instances Square miejskiego placu. Plan zamknięcia jednej z najbardziej ruchliwych ulic w mieście, nie wszystkim się spodobał.

The flexibility to point out empathy is significant to enhancing our management. To be empathetic means to be able to put oneself in another's sneakers, or body of reference. Stephen Covey, in his e-book The 7 Habits of Highly Efficient Folks, speaks of the habit of Seek first to grasp, then be understood. It is a troublesome habit to study as a result of it requires us to hear carefully to the opposite particular person and to essentially understand their viewpoint, all of the whereas refraining from talking ourselves.

We need to get our priorities right and not change into the destabilizing pressure in Africa; the very force that consciously or unconsciously kills the dream of a Pan African renaissance that all of us dream of. Africa won't be free if its enemies are given a free rein by way of silence or a wink and a nod that's detrimental to the nicely being of the continent and its folks. Lest we overlook that these were the very people who murdered our folks in our historic battle and now for the sake of petty energy we're ready to throw the continent and its struggle for Pan Africanism into the dustbin of history.

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Whether in the type of baton blows or rubber bullets, arbitrary arrest or assault in custody, forced eviction or service disconnection, whether at the hands of police or employed security, landowners or local ward councilors, not least, an alarming pattern, toward armed teams mobilizing language, origin or political occasion affiliation. The reply to those incidents by the ‘official' state report submit-1994, at occasions, has been a powerful silence, and at other times, a discount to criminality.