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tym co z miejsca wyróżnia go na tle innych smooth-rockowych wąsaczy(brak wąsów?), jest to jak narzucił zupełnie inne tempo akcji. sekcja rytmiczna musi się napocić, wiosłuje co sił, żeby dogonić naspeedowany syntezatorami funkowy groove. a fusion-jazzowa charyzma, od zawsze obecna w muzyce Lee, wprowadza kolejne utrudnienia. ale wrodzona muzykalność(bycie "muzycznym kameleonem)" i matematyczna precyzja całej ekipy dostarcza co trzeba, i nagradzana jest uściskiem dłoni pana prezesa - brawo panowie, fajrant dzisiaj pół godziny wcześniej.

Talking of strawmen, I spoke nary a phrase about reparations. However since you dared to go even further off topic, I'll throw you a bone. I am an expert musician. I love my guitars the same means folks in Idaho love their weapons. But if a man approached me someday with proof that an instrument I had bought some years in the past on Craig's listing was actually stolen from the person's grandfather, I might not hesitate to offer it again. It would not matter that I would endure a financial loss. What would matter most is that I'd retain my self respect, and honor my ancestors by doing the appropriate thing. But there's very little honor among Individuals, and with out a conscience, it is hard to lose your self respect. This is why the thought of reparations makes many People indignant. Nonetheless, to the credit score of a few, there have been white men who've returned land that they legally bought to the original tribe it was stolen from.

There isn't a severe attempt to counsel the youth because the elders rush pell-mell into materials looting and hoarding-Big homes, International flashy cars, designers fits and fragrance- and al the accouterments of gluttony and wanton material consumption of the turncoats and quislings that our modern leaders and monied Africans have change into.

The idea of a world political system that will permit for us all to work collectively communally is an excellent thought. My problem with this is that at the moment separate nations exist for many constructive reasons. Deep tribal divisions going back millenia, the need for a definable folks to set their own course, management their own destinies, resources and so on.

Good sneakers! We could not say that a white man is a racist simply because he expresses a hatred for all black people. That is incomplete, and tells us nothing. We should first discover out the "Why". Why does this man hate black individuals. When he explains that he was beaten and robbed by three black males ten years in the past, then we can perceive that this man is not racist, as he suffered a transgression, and it was his bitterness which induced him to hate. not a sense of superiority.